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D&J’s Dynamite Dance Company originated in 2001,

under the co-creation of Darlene McCaul & Jessica Etzel. 

The company was formed in an effort to provide a

competitive dance experience for serious dancers who wish

to spend a good amount of time not only in the dance studio,

but outside in our community.  Dancers who are a part of

D&J’s spend numerous hours in the studio rehearsing

choreography & building technical proficiency.  Because of

their outstanding commitment to the team, D&J’s Dancers

have been nationally recognized for their technical merit, superior costuming, and entertainment value.  Many D&J’s dancers are also top award winners, even being monetarily rewarded for their outstanding talent.  D&J’s choreographers have also been recognized & awarded for their efforts & abilities in creating quality routines.  Our students also have received scholarships to different events in our region, because of their ability to perform at top level.  D&J’s Dancers have gone on to perform in musicals, dance in college, and even, dance professionally in New York City; however, what we are most proud of is creating a dancer who understands the importance of staying committed, kind, & respectful. We accept and embrace dancers of all ages, sizes, colors, genders, and ability levels.  Being a part of this team provides an outstanding experience- dancers receive excellent training, make lifelong friends, & gain much confidence.  Multiple families testify that D&J’s has made positive effects in their children’s lives- better grades in school, revealed outgoing personalities, & increased self-confidence.  D&J’s is a major commitment- not just for the individual dancer, but also for the entire family; however, we provide positive experiences for all involved.  We are very fortunate to work with so many talented dancers; however, the reason they are so good is simply because of their hard work, dedication to their classes, and commitment to their team.  For 17 years, D&J's has proved to be a small-town, professional, and reputable dance company; we continue to be proud of all of our hard working students, and we look forward to building future, successful dancers.



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